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Although connected to BC’s mainland, the Sunshine Coast feels like you are instantly transported to paradise because it’s only accessible by sea or air…a magnificent journey you will never forget! The adventure begins with a scenic ferry ride connecting you to the Lower Sunshine Coast, a peaceful and enchanting place full of rich heritage and colorful communities that embrace the love of the great outdoors. But this is just the beginning, a temptation of what awaits you at the end of the second scenic ferry connecting the Upper Sunshine Coast. This area hugs the Pacific Ocean and is tucked into the Coast Mountains rising from the shoreline attracting people from around the world for its natural beauty and outdoor adventure that rekindles the spirit of all ages. The friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the entire Sunshine Coast is only topped by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you…and with all its charm, it will make you wonder why you haven’t come sooner.
Powell Lake Estates Local Area
The Lund Hotel
The oceanfront, 1905 Historic Lund Hotel is located at the top of BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast, at the Gateway to renowned Desolation Sound.  The heart of the quaint village of Lund, the Historic Lund Hotel underwent a major restoration in 2000 and now features 31 renovated guest rooms ranging from budget friendly to lavish boutique style units. Our pub, restaurant and decks featuring un-obscured ocean views and outstanding dining. Get spirited away on a Desolation Sound Dinner Cruise aboard the Swan Spirit!

The Sunshine Coast is only 139 km (87 miles) stretching from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound and although connected to the mainland, the Lower and Upper Sunshine Coast is split by the Jervis Inlet which cuts in from the Malaspina Strait. The Sunshine Coast lives up to its name with bright days outnumbering gloomy ones…the sun shines approximately 1,760 – 2,400 hours per year earning it the most temperate climate on BC’s Coast. Mild climate means summers full of golden sunshine and winters with almost no snow.

Powell Lake is located on the Upper Sunshine Coast, just minutes from Powell River’s city centre. Powell River is the second shortest river in the world at just over 500 meters (1,640 ft) long and it helps characterize the region by connecting with a string of BC’s most beautiful lakes…in particular Powell Lake. Powell Lake is the 3rd deepest lake in BC with a recorded depth of 400 meters (1,312 ft). It’s also the largest body of water in the region at 51 km (32 miles) long with 480 km (300 miles) of scenic shoreline stretching deep into mountain valleys surrounded by snowcapped peaks rising 2,133 meters (7,000 ft) out of the water. To provide another perspective on the size of this lake, there is an island on the lake with its own lake large enough to land a float plane!

In 1962, the presence of salt water was found 121 meters (400 ft) below the surface of Powell Lake and at the bottom of the lake approximately 10,000 year old trapped seawater was discovered containing no oxygen, fish or marine life…it’s the oldest trapped seawater discovered to date. These findings confirm Powell Lake was once an ocean inlet connected to the Georgia Strait. If you travel up any BC inlet you will find they look virtually the same as Powell Lake…the difference is they are full of ocean water. In the case of Powell Lake, when the glaciers retreated the land rose trapping the salt water, then years of fresh water accumulated above increasing the depth of the lake.
Powell Lake Estates Local Area
The Powell River Regional District has a population of 19,000 extending from Jervis Inlet in the south to Toba Inlet in the north. Powell Lake cabins are only accessible by boat or float plane so it’s not a crowded lake, in fact, it’s huge and you will always find a private piece of paradise. Powell River, located within minutes of Powell Lake, is the largest community on the Sunshine Coast and it has been growing steadily since the turn of the millennium - it became a city in 2005. Low cost of living, natural beauty, recreational adventure, vibrant arts and culture and excellent infrastructure continue to draw people to the area, and as a result, the real estate market has been among the strongest in BC the last two years.

Locals are outdoor, recreational and cultural enthusiasts with a real sense of community. They are very proud of the region's rich heritage. Powell River is the ancestral home of the Sliammon First Nation. Sliammon is a native village that has been in continuous habitation for the past two millennia – it’s the oldest settlement on the Upper Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast is known for its many festivals attracting visitors from around the world. There is always reason to celebrate with an assortment of events such as the International Choral Kathaumixw, Symphony Orchestra Academy, Powell River Film Festival, Sunshine Music Festival, Powell River Writers Festival, Pacific & Blackberry Festival, Sea Fair Festival and there are plenty of service groups and community clubs…something for everyone.

Powell River has two full size Arenas, an Aquatic Centre & Fitness Studio, Skateboard Park, Library, Schools, Malaspina University, Hospital, Performing Arts Theatre & Academy of Music.

Separated from BC’s lower mainland by the Howe Sound, the Sunshine Coast is easily accessible by sea and air – both being spectacular ways to see the coast! Frequent sailings of BC Ferries brings Powell River within 5 hours of downtown Vancouver via some of the most beautiful inlets and scenery hugging the coastline the entire way. There are two routes accessing Powell River via ferry. The first is considered the ‘scenic route’ and connects the Lower and Upper Sunshine Coast to the mainland of BC by Highway 101 via two ferries. Starting at Horseshoe Bay, a 15.5 km (9.6 miles) ferry arrives at Langdale, the Lower Sunshine Coast. Drive north to Earl’s Cove where another 16 km (10 miles) ferry connects to Saltery Bay, the Upper Sunshine Coast. A short drive from here and you are in the heart of Powell River and minutes later, Powell Lake. The second option connects Comox (Vancouver Island) directly to Powell River’s city centre via ferry (1 hour 15 min).

By Ferry: A full schedule of ferries from Vancouver to Langdale, Earl’s Cove to Saltery Bay and Comox to Powell River, runs daily with additional sailings during busy periods.

By Plane: The easiest way to reach Powell River is by air – it’s only a 25 minute flight from Vancouver Airport. Pacific Coastal Airlines offers daily flights between Vancouver’s South Terminal, Powell River, Comox, Campbell River and Victoria. Facilities are available for private aircraft on Texada Island.

By Boat: Being a coastal community, another more obvious point of entry into Powell River is via full serviced harbors by private boat. With its close proximity to Vancouver, it’s only 142 km (88 miles) north along Malaspina Strait.

By Bus: Malaspina Coach Line provides daily transportation to and from Vancouver Airport through the Vancouver Bus Depot to the Lower and Upper Sunshine Coast.

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