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A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits you at Powell Lake, British Columbia…one of Canada’s most pristine lakes. Powell Lake is considered ‘The Jewel of the Sunshine Coast’ and it has an international reputation as BC’s most unique vacation destination. Only the base of this lake is accessible by vehicle and now a rare opportunity of 53 lots is available in this brand new community.

Powell Lake Estates is located at the entrance of the lake offering a sneak peak of spectacular views…crystal clear water, towering lush forests, beautiful snowcapped mountains and majestic waterfalls. From your front doorstep, natural beauty, peace and tranquility is just waiting to be explored…not to mention the year round recreational playground beckoning you. Powell Lake is the very definition of ‘dreamland’ to the outdoor enthusiast. Come and discover one of BC’s best kept secrets, but be forewarned…visitors often find ways to stay! Located on the Upper Sunshine Coast, Powell Lake Estates is just minutes from Powell River’s city centre with all the amenities you need.

Reservations are now being taken for Phase 1 of this community.
Call Today – 604 885 2600 or Register Now!

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